A parking lot without a lot of parking

Parking troubles at Pierce


Robert Hinds



Pierce College Pierce offers a lot of great things, but parking is not one of them.

If you arrive prior to 10 a.m., you’re in good shape. Arriving later is another story. Parking in lot A becomes some fairytale early risers tell. It’s not as bleak in lots B and C, but it’s not much better. I have, on many occasions, witnessed what I like to call “parking lot stalking”. This involves following a pedestrian around in your car in the hopes of them leaving, thus a parking spot opens up. As you stalk around, it kills the flow of traffic causing rush hour in the parking lot.

Another common problem is the inability for many to park straight. A typical scenario goes something like this: car “X” parks with its wheels over the white line. The next car has to follow suit, due to running the risk of damaging the first car, and the domino affect continues until you are left with a parking spot that only a motorcycle can use.

The restricted parking misuse needs to be addressed. There are specified vanpool parking spaces in lot A. However, there were four vanpool vans parked in the general parking area and the designated vanpool spaces were left vacant. The low emission vehicle restriction on parking either needs to be enforced or be removed. Driving across lot B with empty low emission vehicle spots open and then passing a Prius parked in an unrestricted space causes one to believe that something needs to change.

These scenarios contribute to people becoming more aggressive to avoid being late. Aggressive behavior includes people accelerating quickly through the lot, blocking others to ensure they are next in line, and traffic jams at the entrances as people circle around waiting. All these things lead to an unsafe environment for both motorists and pedestrians. Safety should be the number one priority for campus parking enforcement and security, but with the state of the parking lots at Pierce College, it’s obvious that this subject is the last on the list.

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A parking lot without a lot of parking

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