A new way to be rewarded

Rewards card has bright future at Pierce

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As a college student, having extra money is usually a foreign concept. With the cost of tuition, books and supplies, Pierce College is now trying to pay back its students.

The Café Rewards Card, sponsored by Lancer Hospitality, can be used for purchases in the Fresh Stop Café. The café is located downstairs in the college center.

As well as earning rewards, it can also be reloaded with money by paying with cash at the café or by loading it online with a debit card.

“You receive free items as a loyal customer once you reach specific goals,” Food Service Director, Autumn Burk, said “You can also monitor what you’re spending by only placing certain amounts of money onto it if you wish to do so.”

Even though the Café Rewards Card is new to students, it has been in the works for a while.

Students will earn one point for every dollar they spend. The first reward comes when a student reaches 25 points. The following rewards are at 50, 75 and 100 points.

The rewards a student can receive include a free small coffee, bottle of water, bag of chips and a yogurt parfait.

If a student is a coffee drinker, his or her eleventh one is free, including a favorite latte if they choose.

After a student receives their card, they should go online to www.collegecaferewards.com and register.

“To receive the actual coupon for the reward, you must register your card online,” Burk said, “If not it just continues to add up the rewards total until you do.”

If the rewards card is lost, don’t worry. As long as it was registered online, a phone number will look up the student’s account.


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A new way to be rewarded

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