A DUI during the holidays might be the gift that keeps on taking

Each year in the United States more than 17,000 people are killed in drunken driving accidents. Many of these fatal accidents occur during the holidays when friends and family gather together. With countless holiday get-togethers happening soon, you need the facts on driving under the influence. It could save your life.

Nationally, more than 40 percent of all motor vehicle deaths are a result of drunken driving. In Washington state, 47 percent of traffic fatalities were alcohol related in 2009.

The penalties for driving under the influence in Washington state are severe. Even your first offense carries a heavy penalty.

After your arrest and conviction, your license will be suspended for 90 days.

How will you get to work and school without your license? Is it really worth the risk? If you drive suspended you will go to jail, end of story.

A second DUI conviction will get you a mandatory jail sentence and a two-year license suspension. Your friends won’t be willing to give you rides for that long and you’ll be stuck dealing with the hassle of riding public transportation.

Perhaps worse than what the state will do to you after a DUI conviction is how the other aspects of your life will be affected. You can bet that your car insurance company won’t want to cover you after a DUI.

You will need “special” insurance, tailored for those who made the same decision. It may have only been one time, it may have been the only bad thing you’ve ever done, but you’ll end up pooled together with a high-risk crowd.

If you think your car insurance company is ripping you off now, wait until you see what your new quote will be. These holidays, make good choices.

Have a designated driver, be a designated driver. Don’t become a statistic.


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A DUI during the holidays might be the gift that keeps on taking

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