Free feminine hygiene products now in campus restrooms

Pierce College Puyallup’s women’s restrooms now contain free feminine hygiene products, a first for the college.

Hygiene products were stocked in all 12 women’s restrooms at the start of Winter quarter.

Student Advocacy Senator Ruby Sandhu explained that female students have been requesting free hygiene products for nearly a year.

Though the idea of giving out free feminine hygiene products had been talked about for some time, actions were not taken to complete the project until this past November.  

According to Sandhu, more than 50 students responded to an all-student survey in Fall quarter, requesting free hygiene products. Sandhu believes the survey helped spread awareness and build support.

Planning for the project proved difficult, as they tried to purchase products of high quality, but realized the concept of quality changes depending on the student.

Sandhu wants to make sure that the Office of Student Life  will always be able to provide this service to women. As a woman herself, she understands what it’s like to forget a pad or tampon at home. By having these products, the OSL is able to provide a necessity to female health.

Sandu added that buying tampons and pads can be expensive and being able to go into the bathroom and quickly grab one in times of need can be very helpful. Sandu believes that the products will be a useful and appreciated resource for women on campus.

As long as the products aren’t abused, the dispensers currently in the bathrooms will be converted into the free pad and tampon dispensers for student use by June.

Sandhu asks those who use the products to fill out the surveys in the bathrooms to turn into the OSL, that they may gain a better understanding of what students deem as quality and what kind of products they would like to have provided.

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Free feminine hygiene products now in campus restrooms

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