Editor-in-Chief’s Blog #4: The Post in Los Angeles

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From Feb. 18-21, nine members from The Puyallup Post attended the Associate Collegiate Press conference held in Los Angeles at the Sheraton Universal hotel.

At the conference were multiple sessions held by advisers, reporters, designers and experienced journalism officials who shared their knowledge about the profession, and gave personal inspiration and tips.

One of the sessions, with an additional fee aside from the other sessions, was the Disney Creativity Symposium led by Christopher Chapman, the Global Creativity and Innovation Director for Disney. The three-hour session was held at the John Hench Gallery in Glendale. This is the archive library for the ideas that have inspired Disney and is the place where ideas come to life and plans are created, Chapman said.

In the session, Chapman emphasized the importance of accepting new ideas and how to develop an idea instead of saying that it isn’t good enough. He led the group through multiple exercises to illustrate his point. At first, it’s unpredictable as to whether an idea will blossom or turn into a weed, Chapman said.

Often times, ideas can develop when an individual is participating in activities aside from sitting at a desk such as through exercising or yoga, Chapman said. Ideas may be difficult to develop if the individual is under pressure. Laughing can be one way to enhance the thinking process.

A brainstorming group exercise completed the session where individuals collaborated to think of a new kind of movie theater with different features opposed to the typical movie theater. Groups had to analyze the traits that accompany a movie theater with elements such as concessions, a movie screen, limited seating, ticket cost and dark lighting.

Then, the groups had to change one of these factors to brainstorm a new innovation for a movie theater. One group decided to have a theater with individual booths where guests could choose their own lightning in the privacy of their own booth; for example, this is similar to how guests at a restaurant make reservations.

Another session that required travel outside the conference was a tour of the Los Angeles Times. On the tour, students were led around the numerous offices and learned historical information of this newspaper and about articles that have been written.

A session called Going Deep in Interviews led by Jennifer Burger from California State University was another session at the conference. Burger discussed tips for interviewing, such as that the interview doesn’t begin or end once the reporter turns on their recording device.

Other sessions included the How to Cover Campus Crime and Breaking News led by Vince Filak from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. He said that if a journalist is covering breaking news, they must remain calm and stay safe.

A keynote about the San Bernardino shootings was led by journalists Greg Lee and Ryan Hagen who talked about handling this breaking news case and their experience speaking with the victim’s families.

The Associate Collegiate Press awards ceremony was Feb. 21 and The Puyallup Post was awarded fifth place for the Best in Show award for the publication website of a small school.

The members from The Puyallup Post who attended the conference had a positive experience. The knowledge presented at the conference will be used to enhance the newspaper, social media and online website. [/responsivevoice]

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Editor-in-Chief’s Blog #4: The Post in Los Angeles

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