Get familiar with HEMA Club, one of the newest clubs on campus at Pierce College Puyallup.

Video by Kevin Boatz, Reporter
Story by Tyler McMahan, Reporter


The HEMA Club is a new club at Pierce College Puyallup and can be found in the multi-purpose room each Friday at 2:15 p.m. The club started with just a couple of people practicing in the Health Education Building to becoming an official club.

Club President Doug Mayovsky explains that HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts. This means it’s the practice and study of the medieval forms of combat. As of now, the club is focusing on sword fighting.

In the HEMA community, the weapons practiced with are commonly swords, but also the use of daggers, crossbows, wrestling and even mounted combat.

The community has become more popular in the past 20 years and has now made its mark on Pierce. With six current members attending the first meeting, HEMA Club is expecting more people to join as news of the club spreads.

“We currently have a manuscript, which is where we get out fighting techniques to practice,” Mayovsky said. “The manuscript comes from an Italian swordmaster.”

The manuscript consist of photos of the motions a description of what the move is and the proper form and movements that should be practiced.

Mayovsky hopes more people will show for future meetings as the club has such a new concept and is open to everyone on campus.

While some of these are limited in the parameter of what Pierce will allow or could help provide for the club members, Mayovsky says he hopes to expand the weapons studied in the club as time goes on and more members join.

The club currently has fencing masks, lacrosse gloves and plastic practice swords. Mayovsky explains that the ideal gear that the club wishes to get when they receive club funding for the Office of Student Life are actual practice swords and overall protective gear for the knees, elbows, chest and face.

HEMA, as a community, has tournaments to compete and see who’s practiced more or has been studying a different style of the martial arts.

“As of now, there are no tournaments in the works since most of us are novices or haven’t even started practicing,” Mayovsky said, “but maybe in the future we will be able to go to tournaments, but for now we might do a inter club tournament once more people have joined and people have practice more.”

For now, the club’s in the early stages of trying to grow interest and have a larger community, hoping to eventually have events and trips.



Learn about historical European martial arts with HEMA Club, a new club at Pierce College Puyallup that focuses on longsword, fencing and renaissance combat techniques. HEMA Club meets every Friday from 2:15 to 4:45 in the Multi-Purpose Room.

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