22 finds herself experiencing–through Joe’s body–how life was connected

The main protagonist of the story, Joe, is a truly relatable character who dreams of finally making it big in his life. I could only wish I could play the piano like he does, but I truly admired the way he comes face-to-face with his own flaws in this movie. I’m sure that I’d be just as afraid of death as he does, and I’d also probably get upset if I suddenly died right before I could enjoy the day that I’ve always been waiting for my whole life.

His whole perspective of life changes after he gets to know an “unborn soul” called 22, who initially thought there was nothing remarkable about life on Earth. When Joe first stumbles across her in a place called the Great Before, where new souls are being prepared to be born as babies, 22 is surprised by how badly Joe wants to return to his earthly body. Not only did 22 think that Earth was uninteresting, but she also saw how miserable Joe thought his life was.

What I honestly admired was how these two characters became closely connected with each other throughout the story. As Joe was trying to get back to Earth, things went wrong as 22 accidentally falls into Joe’s body, and Joe’s soul makes it into a random cat instead, lol. But as they try to find a way to fix it, 22 finds herself experiencing–through Joe’s body–how life was truly like on Earth, and how it wasn’t at all like she thought it would be.

Anyways, both of the characters make such an eye-opening impact on each other, and I just really appreciated how their characters develop as they get to know each other! I also think that these characters were so wonderfully crafted because I felt like I could see a little bit of myself in both of them.


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22 finds herself experiencing–through Joe’s body–how life was connected

by Katie Lane time to read: 1 min