Women’s basketball season in full swing

Having not made the post season since 1992, the women’s basketball team is determined to end it’s 20-year long drought.


Evan Bedlion


Having not made the post season since 1992, the women’s basketball team is determined to end it’s 20-year long drought.

The Raiders league record from the last five years was 17-63, with one of those seasons being without one win. Last year, the Raiders missed the playoffs by one game, but this season they are already looking much more promising than the last five seasons.

Their 3-3 league record and 9-7 out of league record currently places them only two spots out of playoff contention.

“I think we do well as a team. Sometimes we step on the court and do real good, but then other times when we step on the court we just fall apart,” player Unique Taufa’asau said.

The team has lacked consistency, but Taufa’asau’s 44 percent shooting accuracy on the court has helped to anchor the team.

The core of this season’s success compared to past seasons failures is the return of three starters from last year’s team. The team is led by captains Hayley Hancock and Taufa’asau. Hancock’s dominating three-pointers and Taufa’asau’s aggressive defense helps the team bring in the much needed wins. The mix of the returning players and the underclassmen creates a winning chemistry.

“As a team we mesh and it shows on the court,” Hancock said. “We are made up of mostly team players. I think as long as we play our game, we can play with the best and finish in the top.”

Along with her determined attitude, Hancock has proven herself to be a vital member of the team, shooting a total of 26 percent from beyond the arc with a total of 37 made shots.

The Raiders will have to improve their shooting percentages and work on rebounding. At this point in the season, the Raiders field percentage is at 34 percent.

“Our biggest struggle this year is rebounding and inconsistent defense,” Taufa’asau said.

Rebounding will be hard with their tallest player being 5 feet 11 inches. They have two key games coming up, the first one will be against last years division champs Lower Colombia and the second one will be against Centralia, who currently are placed second in the division.


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Women’s basketball season in full swing

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